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Swapna Suresh, Gold Smuggler: Profile, Wiki, Age, Husband and Family

Swapna Suresh was working as the marketing liason officer of Space Park (KSITIL). However, more than being an executive, she has turned out to be a big fat gold smuggler. The network she has managed to make without coming from an influential family is bewildering. She has also said in the court that the CM Vijayan, his wife and daughter were all part of the notorious gold smuggling racket. She said that she was only a small cog in this nefarious network involving top notch politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen of Kerala. Biography/Wiki The life story of Swapna is shocking. She is not well - educated. In fact, she has never been to a college. And, yet, she was working as Marketing Officer with Space Park with monthly salary of Rs. 1.70 lakhs.    On 5 th July, 2020, Custom Department had seized whooping 30 kg of gold. It took little bit of investigation and the buck stopped at Swapna, the kingpin of smuggling racket. It was further revealed that she was getting help fr
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Nupur Sharma, BJP: Profile, Wiki, Husband, Age and Family

  Nupur Sharma is an Indian politician and social activist working for women’s empowerment. She was one of the national spokespersons of the BJP. Under pressure from Arab countries, BJP has suspended her from the party for making undignified comments on the Prophet. The Narendra Modi government gives importance to the safety of millions of Hindus working in the Middle East and protecting it's relations with Arab countries rather than defending the freedom of speech of Nupur. Nupur Sharma, BJP   Biography/Wiki Nupur Sharma had shot into the limelight when she had won DUSU election on ABVP symbol when NSUI used to rule the Delhi University Student’s Union. However, what had given her national attention was her electoral fight against Arvind Kejriwal from New Delhi Assembly Seat in 2015. She had lost the election, but had gotten success in reducing the winning margin of Mr. Kejriwal. Nupur Sharma, BJP with her family   Nupur Sharma is articulate and a fierce debater. She has bec

Shivangi Thakur, ZEE News: Profile, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend and Family

Shivangi Thakur is an Indian journalist and anchor. She is currently working with ZEE News as Special Correspondent and Anchor. She has previously worked with Aaj Tak, TV9 Bharatvarsh, NEWS18 India and Live India. Shivangi Thakur Biography/Wiki Shivangi Thakur is Mumbai based journalist and known for her expertise in reporting on different beats. In fact, she is at home in political, sports, entertainment and crime reporting. It is tough to find such a versatile journalist these days. Career Shivangi Thakur started her career with News 18 India. She had joined Aaj Tak in 2016 and remained associated with this channel for three years. In fact, she gained nationwide popularity while working with Aaj Tak where she used to report on entertainment and politics beat. Her reporting on #MeToo and Mumbai Rain were widely appreciated.  Shivangi Thakur Shivangi has done brave reporting from Dharavi during Corona Virus (Covid 19) outbreak.  Personal Profile D

Shobhna Yadav, ABP: Profile, Wiki, Age, Husband and Family

Shobhana Yadav with her husband a Shobhna Yadav is an Indian journalist and news anchor. She is currently working with ABP News. It is being believed that ABP has positioned her as a counter of highly popular Anjana Om Kashyap of Aaj Tak. Interestingly, as far as physical attributes are concerned, both Shobhana and Anajana look similar. Biography/Wiki Shobhna Yadav had started her career in journalism with ITV News, a small news network. She soon joined INDIA NEWS which gave her popularity. She was known for her unbiased approach in debate shows and her insistence to ask probing questions to all panelists, irrespective of their political or ideological colours.  Shobhna Yadav Image Source Physical Attributes: Height: 5 ft. and 6 inches Hair Colour: Black Weight: Around 67 kgs Career After spending quite a long duration with India NEWS, Shobhna has now joined ABP. She is the senior editor and anchor. Here, she is taking nationalistic views on soc

Sharjeel Imam, JNU: Profile, Wiki, Age, Education and Family

Sharjeel Imam is an Indian Islamic fundamentalist. He was a JNU scholar (Ph. D. from Center for Historical Studies) when he had made seditious statement at Aligarh Muslim University. He had urged Muslims to cut the chicken’s neck and make Assam free of India. Later, it was revealed that he was instigating Indian muslims to wage a war against the Indian state. He was arrested and currently lodged in jail. Recently, a Delhi Court asked police to frame sedition charges against him. Biography/Wiki Sharjeel Imam is known for his Islamist link. It is quite easy in India for Islamist to wear the burqa of communism. He did the same thing. This closet Islamist loves to be termed as a comrade. He is a highly educated person endowed with wonderful oratorical skills. He also belongs to a family who are known for their nationalist touch. Physical Attributes: Height: 5 ft. and 7 inches Hair Colour: Black Weight: Around 69 kgs Career Sharjeel was born at Kako, Jehanabad